Animals Matter Langeberg is a volunteer run organisation that is based in the Langeberg area covering Montagu, Ashton, Bonnievale and Robertson. We started in February 2019 and are still growing, although we have already made a significant impact.

This is all done by a few volunteers and in the poor communities who walk from home to home to identify animals which need help. In this way we find animals that would otherwise never receive proper care. At this stage we cannot pick up stray animals as we do not have a property with holding kennels where they can be cared for. For this reason we also cannot do any re-homing of pets, so please contact the SPCA if you have a problem with a stray or lost animal.

We have successfully assisted with a feral cat ‘trap-sterilise-release’ program, and these cats are all being fed and cared for but can no longer produce more litters of kittens. If you are aware of feral cat problems you are welcome to contact us although we cannot promise to assist as we already have a very busy program.

Although we currently have no paid staff there are still plenty of costs involved – we are now operating at a clinical facility in Ashton where we do sterilisation surgeries and other minor procedures which are necessary, such as treating wounds. The drugs needed for the surgeries and also the medicines we need for the primary healthcare are a big expense.

We have to heavily subsidise pet owners as the owners that we assist are at the bottom end of the huge wealth disparity which we see here in South Africa. We have had a great deal of success raising funds so far thanks to the generosity of many – thank you to everyone who has supported us financially or in other ways.

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