Donkeys are widely used as beasts of burden in the cart-horse industry and many other industries, often working under huge duress and appalling conditions. They are very often over-worked, badly abused and malnourished.

They rely on the kindness of humans to hopefully be rescued from these horrenduous and inhumane circumstances and housed in a sanctuary where they can be cared for and live a happy life. YOU can help save a donkey by supporting this worthy cause.

Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary provides a permanent home and loving care to destitute, rescued donkeys, we assist with rehabilitaion of donkeys elsewhere and we provide education & training.

For more indepth information on what is been done to try and help these donkeys, please go to the websites below.

• An estimated 10 million donkeys being slaughtered per year to supply the Chinese demand for their skins.

• The animals are slaughtered and their pelts used to make medicinal tonics in Asia.

• Gelatine was a key ingredient in China’s “ejiao” industry, which produces tablets, tonics and a sweet syrup. The skins are soaked and stewed to produce or release this substance.

• In our country we don’t have measures in place to prevent the theft and inhumane slaughter.

• Donkeys are faced with becoming an endangered species.

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